20 years of e-Government experience


Our Partnership

NIC Nebraska has been awarded the contract (#69584 O4) with the State of Nebraska to provide electronic services, payment solutions and web design. Our effective IT processes, cutting edge design and innovative solutions have resulted in a 20-year history of successful collaboration, increased government efficiencies and streamlined citizen-government interaction. Operating under the self-funded model, we create and maintain these services without spending taxpayer dollars and with little to no cost to government agencies.

Together the state of Nebraska and NIC Nebraska partner to create cost savings and government efficiencies. If you’re interested, the Master Contract is available to view online.

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Our work speaks for itself and apparently it speaks to the people giving out awards too.

Small, but mighty, our team is a representation of our commitment and passion to continue pushing the envelope of e-Government.

The Team

We’re part of the Silicon Prairie, a collection of geeks, creatives and logophiles.

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Press Releases

We do a lot of cool things when it comes to e-government and the press eats it up.