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Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court Now Offers Electronic Filings

Today the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court (NWCC) launches a new online service that allows Nebraska attorneys to electronically file court pleadings. The system was designed to increase both filing capabilities for attorneys and efficiency for users and the court. This is another step the State of Nebraska has made to improve litigants' access to the court system.

In June, a group of attorneys were offered an opportunity to use the online service and provide feedback. During this limited offering, the court received 244 documents, an overwhelming success.

“It is simple, convenient, and user-friendly,” said Travis Spier, a partner in Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier of Lincoln. “The court’s receipt confirmation email goes out almost immediately. Even those most sincerely devoted to ‘doing it the old-fashioned way’ will appreciate how quickly and painlessly the new eFiling system can be mastered.”

Trends Point to Positive Growth in Nebraska Business

More companies are doing business in Nebraska, states Secretary of State John Gale. Overall, the numbers are growing, but especially for one entity type in particular. Filings for domestic limited liability companies (LLCs) jumped 16 percent between 2013 and 2014. They went up 13 percent during that same time period for foreign LLCs.

"New businesses enterprises prefer the LLC over a domestic corporation due to the increased flexibility, less formalized operational requirements and greater ease of dissolving. Additionally, the investors are usually the managers," explained Gale. "I think this increase in domestic LLCs is a good marker and reflects a robust entrepreneurial drive across Nebraska to start new businesses."

Since 2009, domestic LLC filings have gone up 79 percent. There were 50,948 on file at the end of 2014. At the same time formulation of business corporations have continued to fall off. In 2009 there were 45,323 domestic business corporations on file. As of last year, there were 39,719. Gale noted the same trend was true among foreign LLCs – they have increased 58 percent in five years.

Among the most popular business entity types in Nebraska, growth increased four percent from 2013 to 2014. They include foreign and domestic corporations, nonprofits, LLCs, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and limited partnerships (LPs). Among those categories, there were a total of 130,590 entities on file at the end of the year. They included two businesses which were created under a class of entities approved by the state legislature in 2014 known as benefit corporations.