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Report an issue or bug, request user access or request a text change

Please provide as much information as possible. Lack of information may prevent the issue/request from being resolved promptly.

Reported issues/requests will receive a response within 1-2 business days from submission.

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Complete this form to request user(s) be added or deleted from your Subscriber Account.

This form may also be used to resolve password issues.

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Request a change or enhancement for existing services

Please Note: NIC Nebraska will be performing significant technical upgrades in 2022. As such, NIC Nebraska will only be accepting new enhancements or changes that are statutory or legislatively mandated. During this time, NIC Nebraska will continue to offer customer support and address any technical bugs.

Required for new features or change in functionality to an existing service.

This form is not necessary for text changes. Text changes may be submitted via the 'request a text change' form above.

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Request a change to your website

  • Submit a CMC request for your Meadowlark or Dreamweaver website
  • Report an error with a website
  • Add a new Drupal user
  • Add a new website feature

For changes to an Online Application please use one of the two forms above.

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Request information for a new service

Use this form to request a new service.

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