Nebraskans Save the Earth with Smartphones and Computers

Lincoln, Neb, April 18, 2018. Businesses and citizens in Nebraska can do their part this Earth Day, and every day by renewing their vehicle plates, paying court citations, buying specialty plates, updating their voter information, or using any of the hundreds of online services available on the Nebraska State website. Going online for government services means less traveling to a state agency office therefore reducing gas emissions and saving paper. Data input from online services integrate securely with government data bases reducing the need for paper, postage, data entry, paper processing, filing and storage increasing efficiencies across the board which results in saving the environment.

One such service is the Nebraska State Patrol Concealed Handgun Permit application which provides users the opportunity to renew, update, or replace a handgun permit online. Each application process is approximated at 35 minutes per application, equaling 610 hours in 2017 and 4,700 hours projected to save in the total calendar year 2018. Less paper and paper processing mean more trees in the ground producing clean oxygen. Most Nebraska government services are mobile responsive and can easily be performed on a smartphone or tablet from home, work or on the road. Updating a driver license for commercial drivers or any driver can be done on the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Driver License Renew or Replace Application and keeps drivers on the road instead of in a branch office.

“The goal behind is to create an efficient, well designed, mobile responsive government hub where all online Nebraska services can be located quickly and easily no matter where the user is at the moment. Government offices never close when they’re online,” said Brent Hoffman, General Manager of Nebraska Interactive. “Just by performing government services digitally, citizens and businesses contribute to global health while enjoying the convenience. I don’t think you can do better than that.”



About NIC

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