Nebraska Wins Two Coveted Government Experience Awards

The State of Nebraska was named a winner in the Center for Digital Government’s Government Experience Awards. Winners were announced yesterday, recognizing excellence in digital government. Nebraska was named as a winner of two awards, a Finalist of the Overall State Government Experience Award for the State Website, and the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) won a Project Experience Award for the Concealed Handgun Permits (CHP) online application.

The awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities and counties that have gone to the web and beyond to radically improve the experience of government and push the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered. Top government jurisdictions, agencies and departments will be honored at an awards event in Austin, Texas on September 28, 2018.

The NSP Concealed Handgun Permit application allows users to renew, update, or replace a handgun permit online. The key benefit of the application is the time save by both the user and the State Patrol. The NSP saves approximately 35 minutes per application, equaling 610 hours of savings in 2017, and 4,700 hours projected for 2018.

Permit holders also save time because they’re no longer required to travel to one of the six State Patrol offices to complete these tasks, including actively deployed service members for actively deployed service members and frequent travelers who would need to renew in person within the confines of their renewal period. Staggering adoption was seen in the first three months, 72% of renewals were issued using the online system out of the current 61,515 active holders. To ensure security protocols, CHP uses cross-agency license/permit validation between the Department of Motor Vehicles and NSP.

“This online process is helping the Nebraska State Patrol better serve Nebraskans,” said Jeff Avey, Acting Director, Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division. “It has been very efficient and effective, and we are honored to have it recognized. “Our partnership with Nebraska Interactive has been instrumental in creating the new online infrastructure that makes this option available for CHP holders in the state. This could not have been done without dedication, hard work, and collaboration.”

The application was developed by Nebraska Interactive, LLC, in partnership with the Nebraska State Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Nebraska Interactive manages and provides online services for Nebraska state agencies.

“Citizen expectations are constantly elevated by their daily interactions with the technology of the day,” said Brent Hoffman, General Manager of Nebraska Interactive. “Collaborating with our state partners is how we drive innovation into government for the citizens and businesses in our state. The State website is no longer the only experience Nebraskans use. They insist on online applications, payment processing and a mobile environment. We need to be prepared on platforms. The awards are testimony to our successful execution of our goals. We are proud of the Nebraska State website and we couldn’t be happier.”



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