Nebraska Branding: Hot Steel and Mobile Inspections

For the first time in history, Nebraska brand inspectors are using a groundbreaking custom mobile application quite literally, out in the field. Housing more than 100,000 records of customers and brands on a tablet, the mobile application is able to record inspections and generate brand papers for Nebraska’s producers from the windswept plains.

In December, Nebraska Interactive, with the Nebraska Brand Committee, trained the remaining 80+ inspectors on the new technology, which records the cattle metrics and tracks brand inspections, as well as collects the necessary fees online, reducing a staggering 75 percent of the current paper process. “We are overjoyed with the new mobile application system, which improves our processes with marked improvements in efficiency, transparency, audit reporting, budgeting, accountability and increased customer service. Introducing our industry, steeped in tradition, to the digital age is nothing short of miraculous. It allows Nebraska branding and inspecting to function like an efficient business of the new millennium with data being securely recorded almost instantly. The scope of the project grew as we went deeper on a daily basis with process improvements being carved out and adopted into the application. A project this evolutionary meant that we needed to engage a forward-thinking partner so we went toe-to-toe with Nebraska Interactive. We couldn’t be more pleased.” said John Widdowson, Chair of the Nebraska Brand Committee.

The mobile solution provides brand inspectors the ability to input their data using a tablet and provides producers the ability to pay their fees immediately or choose the option to be invoiced. The nexus of tradition and technology creates an effective flow of information where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

“Beef production is a huge part of the Nebraskan economy. Taking on this project meant building a mobile application which would catapult this industry into the digital age. It took a lot of brainstorming, collaboration, inventing and reinventing as we went along. Accessing and syncing data in the field using our latest technology is powerful and will be reused as a SAAS to assist other agencies that need to capture and store similar types of data. This enterprise solution will yield multiple benefits to the state of Nebraska and other state agencies for years to come. I am so proud of the team for their tenacity and perseverance. This is a great victory for the state and for Nebraska Interactive,” said Brent Hoffman, GM of Nebraska Interactive.


About the Nebraska Brand Committee

Created in 1941, the Nebraska Brand Committee keeps records of cattle brands, inspects cattle to verify ownership and investigates missing and stolen livestock. The Committee is self-funded through recording and inspection fees. The brand area roughly covers the western two-thirds of Nebraska, with headquarters in Alliance.


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